Effectively use Google+ Photos application to manage, edit and create photo sharing clips

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Effectively use Google+ Photos application to manage, edit and create photo sharing clips

Postby matthummel10 » 16 Aug 2019, 07:28

Normally when you want to review photos taken on your Android device, we often use the default Gallery software of the operating system or Gallery that is built from the manufacturer. However, on Android devices there is another great application that can do this: Google+ Photos. In addition to viewing all the photos you have uploaded to Google 's social network, Photos also helps us browse and manage all the photos and videos included in the device, group them into albums, delete and restore photos, There are even powerful editing tools. Of course, you can still share photos from Photos to Facebook like other photo managers. In the article today I will guide you to master Google+ Photos, and if you like, you can also use it as a default photo browser instead of app Gallery.

The Google+ Photos app is available for most Android devices on the market, even if it is a product of HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony or Nexus devices from Google. In case the device does not have this app, you can go to Play Store to download the Google+ application, after installation, Photos will automatically appear.

In addition, when using Photos, you are NOT required to share photos via Google+. You can still use it to post pictures to Facebook and other social networks, even send emails or send via Bluetooth. Now we start with the main content.2 player games
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