All you need to know about Wikipedia Editors

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All you need to know about Wikipedia Editors

Postby janeking » 09 Sep 2019, 13:37

Wikipedia editors are often volunteers, who write and edit its articles. They proactively double check work published through Wikipedia’s source and edit it accordingly. Their work ranges from editing pieces to writing articles, fixing spelling errors and settling disagreements.
Anyone join the team of Wikipedia editors, the requirement is to create an account; once you have registered yourself, the option to edit a text will be accessible. Although it is advised to go through their policies beforehand in manner to not make any mistakes.

Once you have entered the inner portal of Wikipedia, you will be presented with a cheat sheet; which has all their coding. You need not get into that, although there will be a community portal where Wikipedia’s algorithm automatically informs about texts which require editing. You may proceed with your editing there.

Keep in mind to avoid plagiarism, controversial content and misinformation. On your way out, provide your email address for updates from the community portal regarding any required edits.
Contribution in this form will be recognized by the Wikipedia’s team.

Do you think you will be volunteering yourself as an editor, after reading this?
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