Converting videos from Linux?

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Converting videos from Linux?

Postby mbirth » 30 Apr 2015, 20:40

Is there a way to convert MOV files to MP4 in Linux? I tried it with a Windows 7 SP1 in a VirtualBox, but the progress popup shows:

This computer does not have sufficient graphics functions for this conversion. High-definition conversion cannot be done, and the conversion will take a while.

This is with 2D and 3D acceleration enabled in the VM and takes ages.

Is there any better way?
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Re: Converting videos from Linux?

Postby olal28 » 25 Sep 2015, 05:30

Same question here
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Re: Converting videos from Linux?

Postby velecasni » 03 Jul 2016, 16:04

I'm getting the same message on my Win8 running on physical Intel i5 CPU with ATI Radeon HR3600 Graphics Card.

How can this be fixed?
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