Edit photos .... what do you use?

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Edit photos .... what do you use?

Postby LarsKrucovDetlef » 15 May 2016, 09:44


If I want to edit the photos - add sharpness, brighten etc etc . in Lightroom CC it somehow it changes the output fil ... adds a line in ex. the sky.


Why? ;)

What do you use for editing photos?
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Re: Edit photos .... what do you use?

Postby JosMonteiro » 15 May 2016, 15:49

Paint shop pro X8
Adobe Photoshop Elements
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Re: Edit photos .... what do you use?

Postby Luckyphill59 » 13 Jun 2016, 01:57

Photo edits
best used is ios app Enlight
among the best photo edit app with extensive features, the significant benefit is you to not lose any quality size or exif info, you can also insert text and photos into the pic

if you want to insert pics into the main pic then go to ios app PIXOMATIC they have incredible perspective features for inserts, the final quality image is low so then you insert this into the original help in englight and save to original size

if you want to smash out a larger file image then use ios app "big photo" which lets you specify how big and lose not quality .. quite amazing

and if you want to protect your photo rights run it thru the best watermark app called IWATERMARK here you lose not quality and can add metatag, images and more

you can view some of the changes, edits to pics in my profile at https://www.dermandar.com/user/luckyroo/

id use 360 profile more but it does not yet have the features of dermandar .. and dnt know how to report this to the 360 crew .. best wishes
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Re: Edit photos .... what do you use?

Postby WayneAllender » 21 Jun 2016, 09:29

Enlighten is great app!..thanks...is it possible to edit an 'already processed' 360 deg photo?
Or how do 'roll' the edited photo into site, eg street view?
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