Unwraping Algorythm

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Unwraping Algorythm

Postby Vladzilla » 04 Jul 2016, 01:38

Hi everybody.

I am trying to build camera rig for Nuke.

What is the cam lens specs?
Focal length
Distance of each camera from the centre?
Overlap for each camera?

If I can figure it out - I can make a standard UV map to unwrap this to Lat Long Map.
This UV map can be useful for everybody. We can avoid filtering issue.
Also using 5D to RGB gives a bit sharper result.
Some useful tools have been made for Nuke to work with VR but the don't have Theta S Rig for sure.

I have over 16 years of experience making VFX for good movies, wanna get best from this thing. )))
Is there any way to force a bit rate of the video?

Thank you.
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